Leading Technology Solutions For Engineering Valves
Leading Technology Solutions For Engineering Valves


SNY has a wide experience supplying valves for all the different applications of Oil & Gas industry, especially for one of the critical activities of this sector: Offshore.

Offshore is a high demanding market where SNY has a wide experience supplying all kind of valves to satisfy all the specific requirement of the different customers and offers customized solutions to critical applications.

There are some challenges for the design and manufacturing of valves for offshore service due to the particularity of the difficult working conditions. SNY valves have  features in the following aspects:

•Material requirements

Specific test, additional to standard requirements to assure the durability of material under the severe working conditions.

•Space and weight limitations

Valves are designed to satisfy space and weight limitations demand in the platforms.


Complex painting procedures and tests to painted valves to guarantee the quality of the same to withstand the tough conditions of the offshore environment, including the splash area of the platforms.

•Easy maintenance

Valves are designed to be free or easy maintenance due to high cost of maintenance.


Safety is always a must in the platforms and therefore, valves must be totally reliable to guarantee good performance and avoid any risk during operation.

•Fast track.

Offshore markets demand sometimes fast track valves and SNY is ready to produce and deliver valves in extremely short lead time.


TWT-C Platform

Development Project of Well Block 6 / 11 in Jinzhou 25-1 Oilfield

13-1 Platform

Weizhou 11-1N Platform External Hanging Well Project


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