Leading Technology Solutions For Engineering Valves
Leading Technology Solutions For Engineering Valves


With the increasing demand for oil and gas products all over the world and the decreasing oil and gas resources, the extraction, transportation and processing technologies and requirements of oil & gas become increasingly complex, costly and face more and more personalized technical requirements. Today, the oil and gas industry is subject to environmental protection, long-distance, strict environmental & geographical policy restrictions and government regulations, resulting in increasingly complex business operations.


SNY manufactures a wide range of valves for safe and efficient exploitation, refining, transportation, refining and storage for oil & gas facilities, and provides professional engineering valve technology solutions to help customers confront various challenges.


Construction of CPF Complex and Development of Kandym Group of Fields (Uzbekistan )

Ordovician oil and gas reservoir productivity construction project in Shunbei oil and gas field block 1

LD6-2 Oil Field Development Project

Epic for Route Survey,Design,Construction,Installation & Hook-Up of Well Flowlines in Dukhan Fields (2019-2022) - Part B (Qatar)

Iraq Missan Oil Field Development Project (Iraq)


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