Leading Technology Solutions For Engineering Valves
Leading Technology Solutions For Engineering Valves


The chemical industry sector is extremely sensitive, since vast quantities of dangerous chemicals are involved. We have been meticulous in the design, choice of materials and manufacture of our Valve. SNY offers a broad line of specialty Valve, live up to the most demanding process requirements, including meeting the international fugitive emission standards. 


2 x 300MW Coal Gangue ThermoMOV Project

600 KMTA Caprolactam project

600 KMTA Ion Membrane Caustic Soda Project

700 KMTA Hydrocarbon Utilization Project

1.5 Mtpa Green Multifunctional Textile New Material Project

300 KMTA Fully Biodegradable Plastics (PBAT) Project

50 KMTA High Purity Polysilicon Project


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